Here are just a few of the characters we can bring to your event...

Mary Read

Mary lived her life in the clothes and careers of men. Hear stories of time served in the Navy and as a foot soldier in the cavalry, loves lost and tales of being a pirate sailing under Calico Jack Rackham as well as about her capture and demise in Jamaica.

Anne Bonney

Mary Read's cohort in crime, Anne Bonney is the other pirate lass who was given the designation as a 'hellcat' as she fought side by side with Mary Read. She, too, sailed aboard Calico Jack Rackham's ship and was the captain's woman as well as one of his prize fighters.

Calico "Jack" Rackham

Calico Jack, so named for his colorful garments, was the pirate captain who allowed the notorious women pirates to fight by his side. While he may be a cutthroat, he also had a very charmig side, which was able to woo even the toughest of pirate lasses.

The Viceroy

Where pirates are roaming, the Viceroy is sure to be nearby, trying to capture them, send them to trial, and ultimately to the gallows. The Viceroy, and his over-the-top arrogance and comedic timing make him a perfect adversary for the pirates to plot against.

Sam Bellamy

Known as the "Prince of Pirates", Bellamy was an English pirate who sailed off the Eastern US coast in the 18th century and was known for his kindness to captives. He not only tells tales of life along the Eastern US as a pirate, but also has quite the sad love tale to impart.

Charles Vane

English pirate Charles Vane had a three year run of plundering along the waters of the East Coast of the U.S. as well as the Caribbean. He was known as a ruthless pirate, but also very skilled at navigation and combat. He was eventually captured, tried and sentenced to death in Jamaica.

Grace O'Malley

While she may look sweet enough, behind that lovely smile is one of the most cutthroat of pirates that you will ever meet! She didn't get the nickname "Ireland's Pirate Queen" for nothing! Grace was a powerhouse of a pirate whose personality is as firey as her red irish locks!

The Cannon Maker

When you think of pirate stories or movies, cannon fire is always a big attention getter! But, where did those artistic weapons come from? The cannon maker can haul out the big guns and not only demonstrate how they're made, but to safely use them and show you how they work.

Diosa De Cancion

Exploring the fun and factual side of piracy, Diosa speaks about many a topic including telling the tale of the sinking of Port Royal, Jamaica, with a hands-on artifact exhibit and stories of living a pirate's life. Her name translates to 'Goddess of Song", so you may get her to teach you a tune.

Queen Victoria

What better way to celebrate the Victorian era than with the monarch it was named for, Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 to 1901 — the second longest reign of any other British monarch in history. Invite her to your event to see just why she was so loved by her people.

Craig Shell Artist

Of Cherokee descendant, Craig is well in touch with the past of the Native Americans of North America. He presents living history programs relating to the native people of the Southeastern United states and is well versed in the lives of the Timucua Indians of Florida.