History doesn't have to be just something you read...

Consider which way you'd prefer to learn a history lesson.

You could read a passage in a textbook to get the information -

"On June 7, 1692 a massive earthquake struck Port, Royal Jamaica, causing one-third of the city to sink into the ocean and leading to the deaths of two-thirds of the city's residents."

Not very exciting is it?

Instead, how about putting yourself in the shoes of those who were there and reliving the event through them?

Imagine hearing a dramatic story about the experience - first-hand accounts from letters and journals of the survivors.

At the same time, you are holding artifacts that have been recovered from the sunken city. They were there at the time of the sinking. You have a piece of history in your hands and can imagine where it was, who may have been holding it, and what they went through as the ground started to shake and and the city gradually sank below the surface and down into the sea.

That is the magic of the way Presenting the Past teaches.

The creator of Presenting the Past dreaded history class.

It wasn't that she didn't like history, but rather, she didn't like the way history was taught - opening a textbook and being told to learn a list of names and dates that would be recited forwards and backwards to pass a test.

Years later, with grade school well in her past, she found her way into the world of historical performance and realized there is a way to enjoy learning about the past. She threw herself into the living history world and soon became known as Mary Read in the U.S. and Caribbean, often giving presentations as the historical character.

She also became entranced with the history of the pirate port, Port Royal, Jamaica, and the tragic story of it's sinking. With a large collection of artifacts from the sunken city, she creates a hands-on history experience that isn't offered elsewhere.

In her travels, she's met a number of talented performers. They are actors, singers, swordfighting and cannon experts, all with an innate knack for clever and pithy repartee. When an event calls, she puts togeher a "Living History All Star Team" from the best of the best in the business, hand picked to suit each individual performance.

And the rest, as they say, is history... or rather her recipe for teaching history through Presenting the Past...